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Brassbell FPT is a manufacturing and full-service Fire Protection company originally formed in Norway and now a part of the Bejaro group owned by HBA Invest AB with production facilities in the south of Sweden.

Brassbell FPT supplies the offshore, maritime and land-based industries with fire extinguishing and alarm systems.

We offer our wide selections of competitively- priced fire safety systems based on extensive experience and the best available technology.products and services worldwide through a net of partner companies and agents.

We are a manufacturers of gaseous fire suppression systems and licensed to provide the following services:


  • Manufacturing.

The company are based in south of Sweden and from our facility we provide different Fixed Fire Extinguishing systems and Fire alarm systems all around the world. We are perfect located to major airports and harbours for fast, cost-effective and safe transports togheter with leading transport providers. To ensure prompt delivery to satisfy our customers, we always have a large stock of all materials. Brassbell FPT can deliver in from small system to large system in time of days. We can also provide special deliveries for our customers around the world.

  • Design & Engineering

Brassbell FPT Design and Engineering department are specialized for all kind of project. Offshore, Marine, Industry, Shopping center, public areas, Military, Trains, you name it we handle it.

  • Installation 

We provide complete installations of fixed fire extinguishing system, fire alarms around the world. Brassbell FPT can also install fire protection systems during ship operations  which means cost savings for ship owners. we can also provide supervisor at times when owners have available to their own skilled personnel for installation.

  • Commissioning

We will carry out commissioning of systems in accordance with Flag administration or Class societies around the world.  

  • Service

 We provide assembly, filling, full maintenance, trubleshooting and commissioning on the system. The service  program provided is approved by various recognized institutions for Survey and Maintenance of Fire  Extinguishing Equipment and Systems offshore and on land.

  • Education

We offer dealars, partners, owner and personnel education and training of different types of levels, all depends of what kind of system they have to work with.


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